Thursday, November 27, 2008

That Yellow Yummy Yolk!

       This morning I found myself doing something peculiar and once again I paused and thought -how powerful the power of our mind can be!
       As usual I did my eggs-over-easy for breakfast. Sometimes, I change it and make them scrambled or add a toast. But I certainly try to keep it healthy. Instead of home fries I eat a salad with my eggs: some cherry tomatoes, small slices of cucumber without the skin and maybe some lettuce, dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.
       I noticed that this time I really paid attention to the way I was making my breakfast. I used butter and not oil. Because eggs are so much more delicious when you use butter! I also made sure that my eggs are not over-cooked, I really wanted the yolk to be runny! I wanted to top my piece of toast into it! I couldn't wait to break that thin white egg layer to reach for the yellow yummy  yolk! ( three Y's !) I just had that image in my mind and I had to make it my reality!
      And so I did, and I enjoyed my toast and runny yolk as I sat on my couch and devoured my breakfast.
      By the time I finished it, I recalled something that I read the day before for my fiction workshop class. We had to read other student's short stories. And one girl's story had a passage about a main character's grandmother. I remember reading it and being so absorbed into visualizing and feeling what I read. She wrote: "I remember my grandmother's eggs, how she kept the yolks runny but made sure the whites were good and firm. How she never used too much butter, but made sure to use just enough, and the same went for the toast which came golden  brown and just  crispy enough to break the yolk and scoop it out with the corners."
                   Ladies and gentlemen! I got hypnotized!
       I remember how I visualized this scene in my mind as I read the story. I even forgot to underline it! I could see that scene so vividly in my mind. One of the Rules of the Mind: When our mind accepts the idea, it does  everything possible to achieve it!
       And so the next day without even realizing I made myself my usual egg breakfast and did exactly what the passage said: just enough butter, runny yolk, brown toast to break that yolk!
And boy! Did I enjoy my breakfast. I also remembered that my grandmother in Ukraine did just that! 
      Are all grandmothers the same? 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My first day here!

     Well, here I am on this blog entry. Hello, my name is Elena. Is this what I am supposed to say?
It doesn't matter. What does matter is Mind over Matter. But that does not mean that one better or worse than  the other. They are One and they both require respect and unconditional love. We will leave it at that today. 
    What else will I say? Say that I am thrilled with what I do and have and eat and drink? Will that be way too much to shrink? Shrink in my mind, your mind. I say we wait till what I have in mind  keeps pouring on this computer screen (made out of matter.)I say good night and wait. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will bring life into my mindful chatter.